Trained Brand Ambassadors & Online Sales Staffing

Supercharge your digital selling solution

Drive your eCommerce revenue by complementing the best technology with brand ambassadors trained in the art of digital selling.

We will ensure the staffing for the online sales team can deliver the best possible experience with the right skills and knowledge.

If you have current staff that needs to be further trained online or need help recruiting and even employing the people you need, we’ll be there every step, so everything is in place to drive that crucial ROI.

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virtual retail recruitment

The right people and the right coverage to help you sell more online

online sales staffing

We combine our instore and online understanding of what it takes to connect with a customer and how to ensure the key traffic periods are correctly resourced so your site visitors get the premium experience they expect, be it on desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Confident delivery

Your brand ambassadors will know just how to get the best out of the Storey solution. Fully trained on complementing the software with text, video and a host of assets so that the customer enjoys seamless transitions from chat to demo and always feels at ease.

Product experts

Deep product expertise and fingertip access to a library of resources enable the people that are the face of the solution to respond and react in real-time to customer queries. The ability to explain and demonstrate that most relevant feature overcomes the doubt and leads to more sales.

Engaging & personal

We believe that people buy from people. As your brand’s window to the world, we ensure your brand ambassadors will have the soft skills to form connections and quickly get to the heart of any customer concerns, addressing them with knowledge and understanding, increasing purchase intent.

We optimise resources by matching skilled brand ambassadors to peak traffic times




We analyse the customer touchpoints and use our knowledge to build a resource coverage recommendation based on traffic patterns, numbers of categories and products along with the service elements you want to deliver, be they pre-sale, post-sale or a combination of the two.



We aren’t just a technology provider. We meet all your online sales staffing needs by ensuring a high level of technical competence is acquired and then we add the softer skills that allow your brand ambassadors to power the engine that gives you stand out against the competition.



As the solution lands, our detailed analysis allows us to continuously improve, tweaking scripts and fine-tuning demonstrations as customer feedback and sales results help us shape future plans, adjusting coverage and training as we go.

“The introduction of live chat and video demonstration on has been a huge step forward for us”

David Hall – Head of LG Digital

Storey engagement customer satisfaction 97%

Experience retail from everywhere

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