Online shopping experiences

Premium, Personalised, Online Shopping

Bring store-level service online. Create personalised online shopping experiences with the tools & support to guide your customers through their purchase via video, text and live chat.

Text or Video Chat

Your customer is presented with an option to chat with a real person either via text box or video. This option can be presented where you want, when you want on your website.

Easily Integrated

Our live chat technology can be smoothly integrated into your website in minutes. Getting up & running and creating connections with your customers has never been easier.

Live or Scheduled

Whether a customer wishes to talk with your representatives immediately or would rather schedule an appointment, our technology can do both. Everything is handled within the same window and integrates with any calendar system.

Add the human touch to the online shopping experience

Real-time customer service

Real conversations

Let the customer decide. Face to face on camera with your representatives, or with their own camera off for a more private voice or text-based option. With cameras on, the ability to add links creates a seamless navigation path through the online shopping experience resulting in upsell and add-on opportunities.

Live video chat shopping

Direct from the browser

Browser-based tech = no pesky app downloads. Your customer stays on your site and is quickly connected with no hurdles in the way. Our live chat software delivers the highest possible video and audio quality, so no painful lag ruining the experience.

Jewellery Shopping Live Chat

Stay connected

Customers remain connected to your representatives throughout their journey on your site, with help always at hand. Move away from canned video demos to reactive interactive consultations that address specific customer queries.

Online Shopping Assistants

The end of the conversation is not the end of the journey

Close the loop

Follow up

Want to give the customer something to think about? Email the chat history of their session straight to their inbox whilst suggesting another call to clinch the sale.

Sales attribution and reporting

See live performance data of your representatives to learn from and reward your most effective colleagues. Receive weekly reports from Storey to share internally and demonstrate the value of creating emotional connections that improve the online shopping experience.

“The introduction of live chat and video demonstration on has been a huge step forward for us”

David Hall – Head of LG Digital

Storey engagement customer satisfaction 97%

Experience retail from everywhere

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