Consumer Electronics

LG are a premium brand with an extensive range of premium products. With a highly successful in store business LG were keen to implement a digital solution that could create equally engaging connections for consumers visiting their website.

Consumer behaviours have evolved rapidly and continue to do so. LG understood the need to adapt and quickly develop a digital solution that could harness the enthusiasm and skills of their existing field-based advisors and enable consumers to receive the advice and support they require in a human, emotionally connected way. From humble beginnings a solution soon evolved that builds connections and brand loyalty within a premium environment and directly contributes to online sales growth.

Brand ambassadors were trained in the use of the appropriate technology, understanding how to provide high quality, engaging interactions that addressed their customer needs. Acquiring new skills, they have become adept at combing deep product knowledge with qualifying text-based chat that often leads to fully interactive demonstrations of LG products, resulting in successful sales.

“Storey’s Online Personal Shoppers bring their expert level of product knowledge to life through video and chat”

As consumers bought into the solution and numbers of interactions grew so a fully branded broadcast studio was designed and installed to add an extra layer of quality to the experience. Exceptional customer satisfaction scores and growing brand advocacy rates are evidenced through the numbers of returning customers and their frequent reference to the value of the relationship created. Rates of sale have continued to climb, accompanied by a growth of relevant attach rates as consumers receive the advice they need to get the very best out of their chosen product.

Customer satisfaction
Basket size growth
Resource efficiency
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