Use Cases – Fine Jewellery & Watches

Adding sparkle to the digital experience.

The fine jewellery and premium watch markets together generate global annual sales in excess of $330 billion. Like so many other categories both were hit hard by Covid-19 and the closure of physical store environments, dragging down revenues by 10 to 15 percent and 25 to 30 percent respectively.

The opportunity

Both markets have lagged a little as sales have shifted online as retailers and consumers have taken longer to come to terms with a purchase journey that removes touching and seeing valuable items up close and personal. That said, consumers are now adapting, so much so that online fine jewellery sales are forecast to increase to 18 to 21% of total sales by 2025, up from just 13% in 2019.

The solution

Here at Storey we have all the tools and know-how to carefully curate those premium online experiences befitting of the finest brands and products. Consumers used to that white-glove feeling and unobtrusive specialist advice in a peaceful, tranquil setting will expect something very similar on their digital journey. They want those moments of magic that come with the purchase of something that could be with them forever – the purchase path is part of that special memory.

We ensure highly trained advisors can host video-based chats that help them understand the specific needs of the customer, the special occasion they are celebrating or that extraordinary gift they are seeking. With that relationship and human connection in place they showcase the options that meet those particular needs, providing that attention to detail customers expect in store.

“Let us reimagine the digital experience to create that sense of magic that comes from a real emotional connection, great customer service and providing the highest levels of satisfaction.”

The result

Increased user engagement
Higher-ticket purchases
Increased sales
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