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Highly skilled online brand representatives

You need the very best people to complement the very best technology.

Our Online Shopping Assistants are sourced and trained, or developed from within, armed with deep product knowledge and the ability to interact online, either over text or face to face directly from your website.

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It takes a certain set of skills and just the right attitude to be able to build those critical connections.

build the right connections

Here at Storey we have the expertise and experience gained over years working in field marketing to ensure that Virtual Shopping Assistants at the sharp end have the skill and the will to combine deep product knowledge with an ability to interact over text or face to face in a digital capacity.

How we build the right connections

how it works



Whether you’ve got the talent at your disposal or we help you unearth it, we’ll make sure the will exists and the skill is developed.



As the window to your brand nothing trumps product knowledge so our deep and immersive training plans ensure that’s a given.



With all the product knowledge they need your Online Sales Assistants will receive comprehensive training and ongoing support on how to get the best out of the technology, both software and hardware.



Up and running, engaging and selling, we will keep the suggestions coming as we help you refine your resource model, enhance the skills and fine tune that precious customer experience.

Exceed customer expectations with highly trained ambassadors

The face of your brand

Whether employed directly by you or by us at Storey, we can help ensure they are ready and able to be the face of your brand.


Self-assured in their delivery and backed up by professional, reliable technology, ambassadors are prepared for all eventualities.


Trained in all aspects of customer care, ambassadors bring products to life, demonstrated with flair and supported by all the knowledge they need.


With an eye for an opportunity brand ambassadors become Online Sales Assistants who take pride in helping the customer find the product that best meets their needs and makes a positive change to their life.


Skilled in operating across media channels, switching seamlessly and naturally between text and video, ambassadors adopt the tone and mechanic that makes the customer feel at ease.

“The introduction of live chat and video demonstration on has been a huge step forward for us”

David Hall – Head of LG Digital

Storey engagement customer satisfaction 97%

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