Live & Interactive Product Demonstration Software

Bring your products to life with interactive demonstrations

Instant or scheduled live video product demos that educate your customers and build their confidence in your product features and benefits.

Move on from canned video content and library images, hosting demonstrations that directly address customer questions and increase your website conversion.

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Show customers why your product is the one for them

show and engage

Your products showcased by highly trained ambassadors who are experts in engaging and educating customers.


Loosen the restrictions that come with pre-recorded content and static images. Your live video product demos will be tailored to address specific concerns, solve challenges and add a little theatre to your D2C site.

Flexible and convenient

Our solution means your highly skilled brand ambassadors are able to switch seamlessly from text chat into live 1:1 video conversations, showing features and scenarios as they are intended to be seen at a time that fits with the customer’s own commitments.

Professional settings

Every demonstration is conducted against a premium backdrop, be it in your bespoke branded showroom, a customised office environment or even from your ambassador’s home. We can set you up for each and every scenario.

Put the personal touch into the customer’s digital purchase journey

Customer centric experiences

Make the connection


We don’t believe in one size fits all. Your fully-trained ambassadors will establish contact, listen and understand. If live video product demos is the right solution they can choose to go live instantly or guide the customer through the appointment process and welcome them back at a suitable time.

Put them at ease


Be it an instant or scheduled conversation, the customer gets to decide just how it works. Easy to follow steps and straightforward guidance create an enjoyable and engaging experience. If they prefer their camera off, then one click and it’s off.

Make it real


Switch it up from text and FAQs as the customer sees the product up close and personal. Explain version and price differences with clarity through the ability to show products side by side and in action.

Build brand loyalty


Give your customers a digital experience that feels personal and human. For those occasions where in-store isn’t the answer ensure they associate your brand with premium service and customer care and turn them into loyal advocates.

“The introduction of live chat and video demonstration on has been a huge step forward for us”

David Hall – Head of LG Digital

Storey engagement customer satisfaction 97%

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