virtual retailing solutions

We don’t simply sell software

We build virtual retail solutions to support your online sales. Find out what our retailing solutions can do for you.


Ensure that your representatives and your brand are presented in the best possible light.


We can find the best candidates to help staff your new digital sales force.


Ensure your brand ambassadors provide the very best retail experience.


Give every member of your team the right tools for the job.


Fast, friendly assistance at your customer’s fingertips.


You don’t have to go it alone, with support at every touch point.

more than great software

Implementing our ready-to-go video and text chat software is just one part of the puzzle. How are you going to ensure that the customer experience is of the standard they expect from beginning to end?

Branded Environments


Ensure that your representatives and your brand are presented in the best possible light.  Storey’s branded environments services work with the space available to create highly impactful virtual retailing solutions.


Whether it be a showroom, meeting room or event space, creating clean, branded environments that one or more representatives can effectively work from is key.

Dedicated space

Creating a branded installation within a unit of your warehouse or identifying a standalone location that allows for a custom-built showroom for digital sales, gives brands a dedicated location for brand expression and demonstration.


Some representatives are based in their own homes. Equipping them with branded tools that are easily assembled at the start of each day is vital if the customer experience is to feel premium and befitting of your brand.



Ensure your brand ambassadors give consumers the very best experience.

Storey provides training to your representatives on how to use digital tools most effectively when selling to customers.

Taking skills and knowledge from stores to online gives a great foundation. Building on this with bespoke sessions designed to enhance the sales experience and working within a digital environment is a key part of the journey with Storey.

Storey also offers training on the specific hardware used by the brand representative for the selling experience. Whether this is cameras, PCs, microphones or even green screens, your team will be armed with the confidence to get the most out of their tech.


The Storey Solution

Let us help you find the best people.

We use all our experience in finding great people for both physical and virtual retailing solutions to ensure you have the right team in place.


Our Storey team brings 15 years of retail marketing recruitment from our parent company, RMG, to the fore in finding the best candidates to help staff your new digital sales force.


Once the right candidates have been found, we can interview, screen and liaise with applicants and our clients to ensure we bring the right people into the fold


Not every client wishes to have all their teams in-house. We can offer the end to end service, including employing your workforce directly to give maximum flexibility.

Optimised hardware solutions

The Storey Solution

Complement our smart software with hardware that’s tried and tested and perfect for the job.

We’ll ensure seamless switching from text chat to high quality video conversations with crystal clear sound.

Customised Solutions

We’ll assess your needs, auditing existing hardware, if appropriate, and help you understand just what’s required for the experience you are looking to deliver.

Premium Performance

The right cameras, audio and lighting will make all the difference when it comes to that polished end-product. We’ll use our learnings to ensure you hit the mark on every count.

Support on Hand

We’ll keep it simple. Be it phones and gimbals or cameras and tripods, your brand ambassadors will receive all the training they need from installation through to operation.

Building on our learnings

Data and insights

All Storey clients receive regular performance reports that analyse every interaction, unearth insight and enable continual learning and improvement.

Using our customised insights reports we continually act to stay ahead of the curve, using traffic analysis to help you maximise your resources and deliver virtual retailing solutions that give your customers just what they are looking for.

Experience retail from everywhere

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