Retail Live Chat

Video & text live chat for retail

Use our website retail live chat to guide your customers through your products and services.

Connect to trained brand representatives live on screen, who can address specific customer challenges whilst also educating on the advantages of your offering to increase conversion, upsell and promote loyalty to your brand.

Create personal connections with integrated live chat for retail

Allow customers to connect to you when they want with scheduled appointments or with instant interaction that adds convenience and comfort to their shopping experience with you.

Live chat to a real person, text or video
Instant connection or scheduled appointments for customer convenience
Easily integrated, browser based solution. No apps needed.
High speed connection with high resolution audio
Built-in sales attribution to incentivise your staff and track performance

Guide your customer from homepage to basket with our integrated video live chat solution

How it works

Get setup


Our proprietary software is easily integrated with a few lines of code so you’re ready to go in minutes.

Help when you need it


When a customer visits your site, whether on the homepage or a product page, they are asked if they’d like to chat to someone to help them find what they need.

Text or video


Your customer is presented with the option of text or video interaction with a brand representative.

Instant connection


Without the need to download anything, your customer can be connected immediately to a brand representative via our retail website live chat functionality set in a bespoke branded environment.

Schedule for later


Alternatively, your customer could choose to arrange to speak at a more suitable time and an invite is sent to book in a session.

Live reporting


Track your success with live reporting feeds back to Head Office so you can stay up to speed.

Experience retail from everywhere

Get in touch to find out more about the tech, people, and support that form the Storey virtual retail solution.

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