Fashion and Apparel

At Storey we try to focus on industries that create products of high value to a customer, whether that value be monetary or emotional doesn’t really deter us from our approach.

Any item of high value to a customer is one that undertakes careful thought, research, and consideration. 

For many people the clothes we choose to wear, whether for function or for occasion, carry great value. 

Take the example of a person choosing their next outdoor jacket. Such a purchase can be perilously complex and contain any number of pitfalls…

“What is Gore-Tex?”

“Do I really need taped seams?”

“How warm is it going to keep me?”

“Are ‘pit zips’ really necessary?!”  

That’s before we approach the questions of size, fit, design, colour and so forth. All of these things are very difficult to convey in static, flat images on a website. They’re still difficult to answer with a product video featuring a model in a studio.

The same website equally struggles when it comes to insightful comparison to either a brands’ own coats, shoes and sportswear or those of their competitors. 

Insightful comparison and reasoned conversation for clothing and footwear of high value is something that has happened in physical retail since its inception but is something that has been traditionally difficult online. 

At Storey, we champion software and services that seek to transcend this conundrum. 

71% of fashion executives expect their online business to grow by 20% or more in 2021″ – McKinsey

Having a real, informed person on the other end of a video call allows for a natural conversation to take place where questions are asked and are answered with context; where scrutiny is applied and requirements cast in a different light, in the way that they often are when talking to an expert.

For these conversations to then take place where the customer service agent operates within a branded environment that conveys the strength and values of your brand further serves to create consistency of brand across all touchpoints and give confidence to the consumer that they’re making the right decision on the clothes they wish to buy. 

Not only is Storey equipped to ensure that all the above happens, we have specific functionality in our software that allows our agents to share different clothing or footwear options on “product cards” which sit over the video feed, meaning options and alternatives can be offered up on screen, allowing for the customer to open new tabs for future consideration. 

We’re getting an amazing response in our video assisted trials from our clients, both in terms of qualitative feedback and conversion.” – Grégory Boutté Chief Client and Digital Officer, Kering

To change emphasis a little, what if the brand or product that we’re discussing with a customer is a pair of luxury shoes for a special occasion, perhaps a graduation for example. 

Grégory Boutté, Chief Digital Officer for Kering, who own huge brands such as Gucci and Alexander McQueen has seen value in video-assisted sales, saying “We’re getting an amazing response in our trials… both in terms of qualitative feedback and conversion”

Kering recognise that maybe it isn’t possible or convenient to head into a physical store to weigh up several options and try them on. However, perhaps the customer values the opinion of your staff and would like to talk through options, styles, materials and colour options. It’s not a simple compare and contrast, here we are leaning on the quality of personal service where trust is paramount. 

When considering such detailed elements, it also helps that Storey is built ground up to maximise internet bandwidth, delivering the highest possible audio and visual definition. Seeing materials up close when you can’t make it to store requires clarity, and Storey provides that.

What’s more, Storey can bring the people with that knowledge, passion and energy for fashion and apparel to your brand should you need more in the organisation as your online presence grows.

As we’re a part of Retail Marketing Group, we bring over 15 years of experience of locating, recruiting and even employing directly (if more convenient for you) those people who are going to make the difference.

We’ll then take that raw energy & passion and hone it further by training your new (or existing) workforce in the necessities and nuance of selling clothes, footwear and accessories online.

Selling such products online is not the same as selling in a store. Different tools, different social signals, different equipment at your fingertips. With the right technology and ease of use, the selling experience online can be a richer one than in physical retail. 

Great brands or retailers can arguably be seen as great museums. You can visit without knowing exactly what you’re going to see, however you know the “exhibits” will nevertheless be excellent. In this analogy, it’s the curation that is important. Selecting what matters most to the visitor and telling them why.

A website in its most basic essence lacks the personal service required to make the difference when selling clothing that is of high personal value. It is more or less the same thing for everyone. 

Storey changes that. 

Whether it be bespoke online showrooms that convey a premium brand, or the ability for follow up enquiries to be made as part of the same logged conversation, perhaps the ability to book a slot in your calendar if going live immediately isn’t convenient…Storey gives all the options to you which in turn translate to convenience for your customer.

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