Ecommerce live chat

Increase your website conversion

Boost your sales through flexible Ecommerce live chat that drives engagement.

Meet your customers where they want to be with their preferred combination of text and video.

Bring your e-commerce business to life and generate more sales as you add a live chat to your customer service. It is the human touch that helps customers navigate your site from initial interest right through to purchase.

Grow profits as you complete more online transactions

Ecommerce Live Chat

Guide the customer through their online purchase as your brand ambassadors remove doubt and build confidence. Ecommerce live chat helps convert more online transactions and supports the growth of your online business.

Educate & inform

Provide customers with the clarity they crave as real-life interactions remove confusion on product features, technical challenges and those critical benefits that set your brand apart. Let live or scheduled Ecommerce chats and consultations move your site on from canned video and library images and become an immersive experience.

Create a connection

Enable your brand ambassadors to build customer confidence as they switch seamlessly between text and video, responding instantly or scheduling follow up conversations at customer-friendly times.

Generate loyalty

Provide customers with follow-up chat records and give them post-purchase advice that helps them make the most of your product, increasing satisfaction and reducing returns as challenges are addressed and frustrations eased.

Harness your highly skilled brand ambassadors to generate more ecommerce sales

Turn visitors into purchasers

Optimise resources


If this is all new to you, we’ll help identify site traffic patterns and get the coverage right. By optimising response times we will ensure your brand ambassadors consistently deliver high quality experiences and convert more visits to sales than ever before.

Land and expand


Not sure where to begin? We will guide you. Our flexible approach means we can start small, creating interactions on selected categories or even individual products. Then we learn fast, adding products and categories, so you get rapid returns and the Ecommerce live chat solution that brings immediate sales growth.

Eye on the prize


We monitor and report on important brand metrics like advocacy and satisfaction. At the same time, we can measure effectiveness of your brand ambassadors, understand what moves the conversion needle and ensure the learnings become part of the everyday delivery. You set the targets, we provide the data, and together we deliver on your Ecommerce growth goals.

“The introduction of live chat and video demonstration on has been a huge step forward for us”

David Hall – Head of LG Digital

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