Creating in-store experiences online

About storey

Storey began development in 2019 as a team within leading retail marketing agency, RMG, focused on the challenges of creating better brand connections online.

A disconnected marketplace

the problem

When we looked at the options for brands looking to sell more effectively online, nobody offered software plus service…everybody offered one or the other.

This means you need one agency for your online interaction software, and another agency to look after recruitment, branded environments, physical setup, hardware procurement and more.

The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

One holistic solution

the solution

We took the technical, service, and support requirements and merged them into one solution, Storey, where we combine highly trained online sales staff in unique branded environments with custom tech for a truly engaging online retail experience.

Built from the ground up to solve brand-specific challenges, our software, service, and support team are all in-house. Storey is one holistic solution coming together to solve digital retail challenges in one package.

Experts addressing new challenges

our team

Our team was built from within, with digital brand experts from household brands such as Nike, Warner Brothers, Microsoft and GoPro.

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Experience retail from everywhere

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