Virtual retail hardware

Elevate your video retail experiences with recommended hardware solutions

Complement our smart software and your highly trained brand ambassadors with virtual retail hardware that’s tried and tested and perfect for the job.

We’ll ensure seamless switching from text chat to high quality virtual conversations with crystal clear sound that will bring product demonstrations to life.

Hardware for online selling
Virtual Brand Ambassadors

What to use and how to use it


Maintain the highest standards as you open up your brand’s window to the world with our virtual retail hardware.

Customised Solutions

We’ll assess your needs, auditing existing virtual retail hardware, if appropriate, and help you understand just what’s required for the experience you are looking to deliver.

Premium Performance

The right cameras, audio, lighting and virtual retail hardware will make all the difference when it comes to that polished end-product. We’ll use our learnings to ensure you hit the mark on every count.

Support on Hand

We’ll keep it simple. Be it phones and gimbals or cameras and tripods, your brand ambassadors will receive all the training they need from installation through to operation.

“The introduction of live chat and video demonstration on has been a huge step forward for us”

David Hall – Head of LG Digital

Storey engagement customer satisfaction 97%

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