People powered, video shopping


Connect brands to consumers through personalised online shopping experiences, powered by video, text and live chat.

storey virtual retail solutions
  • The hardware for the best experience
  • Demo products in the best light
  • Real-time conversations via video & text chat

Create seamless online retail experiences

Storey combines our industry-leading video & live chat technology, and award-winning retail sales experience, to create a powerful online retail experience.

More Than Live Chat

Software is only the start

Combine highly trained online sales staff, in unique branded environments with custom hardware, for premium brand presence.

We don’t simply sell software, we offer end-to-end digital retail experiences.

Increase customer confidence at the point of purchase

How it works

Connect people with products


Storey puts your trained sales staff right at the point of purchase, allowing potential buyers to engage at the push of a button.

Create personal brand impressions


Provide a quick, personalised experience with a real person via text or video.

Immerse customers in your brand


Showcase your brand in an environment that inspires customer confidence in the choices they make.

Create real connections


Assist the customer through their purchase journey, creating lasting brand advocacy.

“The introduction of live chat and video demonstration on has been a huge step forward for us”

David Hall – Head of LG Digital

Storey engagement customer satisfaction 97%

Experience retail from everywhere

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